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Ozeva School
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"Dulu menurut saya matematika itu sulit, tetapi setelah kursus di Ozeva School ternyata belajar matematika itu mudah dan menyenangkan."
Yolanda (SD Kanisius Keprabon 2, meraih nilai UN Matematika 97.5)
"Sebelum belajar di Ozeva School, saya merasa kesulitan dalam mengerjakan tugas matematika dan bahasa Inggris. Setelah belajar di Ozeva School, saya merasa terbantu dalam mengerjakan soal-soal ujian."
Nadia (SD Kanisius Keprabon 2, meraih nilai UN Matematika 95)
"Saya suka belajar di Ozeva School karena belajarnya menyenangkan dan nilai saya meningkat."
Kenny Tan (SD Warga)
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Ozeva School was established on 01 September 2014 in Solo, Indonesia as a state of the art training center that offers:

  • Foreign language courses for Kids, Teens and Adult. Currently, we offers English language courses for Kids (min 3 years old), Teens and Adult learners.
    We employ state of the art and the best teaching methods and equipments to make the best learning experience for our students.
  • IT training courses for Programmers / Software Engineers / IT Professionals that aspire to be an expert in Software development.



Our staff members are professional trainers with vast experiences in their respected fields.

Tan Gay O (School Principal and IT Chief Trainer)

He has a Master Degree in Computer Science from a reputable Australian university and has almost 20 year experiences working as IT Professional and IT Consultant in various countries. He is also Chief Executive Officer of Ozeva Technology, a leading IT company in Solo, Indonesia.

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